Many thanks to our generous donors for supporting neighborhood improvements:

The nonprofit "Friends of Lakeside Village" was created for residents and businesses to improve Lakeside for families and shoppers. Over the years, projects have included better lighting along the M-line tracks, tree trimming, graffiti abatement, and Lakeside Landing.

We have listened to your ideas and suggested an initial list of fundraising priorities (below). We will add new projects so please check back regularly!

Flowers $20

Are you enjoying the new flowerbeds at Lakeside Landing? Your gift will help add more flowers to Lakeside Village. $20 buys a small assortment of beautiful flowers at wholesale prices.

Small Checkers $40

More fun for the whole family! We painted small boards for games on the Lakeside Landing benches. $40 buys two sets each of small checkers AND chess pieces in waterproof containers so that everyone can play!

Paint $60

We have funds from District 7 Participatory Budgeting to paint the outside of the bus shelter, deterring graffiti. Artist Mike Ritch wants to paint "Farallon Islands" on the inside of the bus shelter too! $60 buys a gallon of high-quality exterior paint.

Activities $100

Outdoor activities during COVID-19 have started safely at Lakeside Landing! $100 will provide stipends to teachers for classes e.g. a clinic to help rescue your potted plants -- or an expert to help rescue your chess game!

Small Slide $3,000

The nature exploration area for kids at Lakeside Landing is very popular. A small slide suitable for a school or public playground could be installed for $3,000.

$5 Recurring Donation

We have been busy organizing bands, events, and family activities for Lakeside Landing. Please consider making a recurring $5 donation to assist in printing and upkeep of our neighborhood bulletin board!

Thank You

Many thanks to Capital Group for their generous corporate donation to create a new community edible garden with after-school programs for kids. If you know of funding sources to improve Lakeside Village, please send to

Please make a recurring donation:

Join “Best Friends of Lakeside Village” supporters with a recurring donation to beautify and revitalize the Lakeside corner of San Francisco!

$5 per month: skip an on-demand movie - dust off your DVDs!

$10 per month: skip a Lyft ride!

$20 per month: skip a calamari meal (and save an octopus's friend!)

Please contact to join our email list, receive our newsletter, learn about volunteer opportunities and/or organize an event at Lakeside Landing. Follow us on Instagram!

Thank you so much for your commitment. We look forward to seeing you in Lakeside Village!

About Friends of Lakeside Village: We are a group of unpaid volunteers working on community-generated projects to improve Lakeside Village. San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) is our fiscal sponsor, meaning we are able to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Since most grant-makers fund organizations, but not individuals, fiscal sponsorship helps us raise money without having to go through the complicated process of starting our own nonprofit.

Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a tax deduction, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record.

You can also mail a gift to SFPA at 1074 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Please make the check payable to San Francisco Parks Alliance with "Friends of Lakeside Village" in the memo so SFPA knows where to direct your gift! To help SFPA be in compliance with new sunshine ordinance, please include a note with your gift confirming whether or not you have a financial interest with or pending before the City of San Francisco e.g. any contract, grant, lease, or request for license, permit, or other entitlement. You can simply add a note saying "yes, I have a financial interest", or "no, I do not have a financial interest", or include this form with your check: